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CNC Punching Cutting Machine

CNC Punching Cutting Machine RJ-1325

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Product Details

Ruijie Four Axis CNC punch cutting machine, is one of the new design CNC unit machine with 

punching & plasma cutting developed by our company. It set punching, plasma cutting as one though 

High-end technology with hig – quality, high-efficiency, saving users input cost and has won 

numbers of natioanl patents, ZL 2011 2 0534199.8 ZL 2012 2 0411384.2, is necessary specialized 

equipment for the advertising industry in the coming years. You can make "Highlight LED punching 

exposed word " easily by it.

After punching, it can cut automatically; all process no need manual operation, avoiding the 

secondary processing inconvenience. Save labor, high efficiency.

Punching parts:

◆Lathe bed: cast iron bed, after aging, annealing treatment, never deformation.
◆Transmission way: ball screw transmission (Taiwan 2510 ball screw, high precision and strong stability ).
◆Guide way: Taiwan PMI 20 Square rail.
◆Working area: 1250mm* 2500m.
◆Machine size: 3600mm* 2150mm* 1600mm.
◆Suitable material: aluminum plate, iron plate, galvanized sheet metal, stainless steel plate, etc.
◆Material thickness range: 0.8mm-5mm.
◆Punching speed: 0-120 times/min (speed adjustable) - punching speed relative to the hole gap size.
◆Mold: 9mm, 12mm, round hole, lamp with holes. Service life of the blunt needle: 3-50000 times.
◆Affordable punching pressure: 13T.

Cutting parts:



Cutting size



Squar rail diagonal rack and pintransmission

Flame cutting head

Huayuan 63A

Cutting speed

High-frequency plasma cutting 0-20000mm/min

Max travel speed


Max cutting thick


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