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Table-moving CNC Woodworking Center RJ-1325

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Product Details

◆Equipped with a fixed gantry and movable working table, improves the stability and anti-vibration capability of the machine. 
◆Welded structure by thick profiled steel, stabilized under high temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.
◆The install of vertical and horizontal drill and saw which can rotary 90° makes the machine a complete woodworking center in doors making. Configure of imported Carrousel tool magazine makes the process of tools changing rapid and accurate.
◆The special tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length accurately.
◆Japan YASKAWA servo motor, high precision helicalrack, ensures the machine run stably with low noise, fast speed, and high positioning accuracy.
◆The vacuum table adopts double cavity type adsorption. The use of high strength Bakelite board milled in one time ensures high adsorption power.
◆Strong Dust Collection system keeps the machine away from dust blowing when working.
◆Auto lubrication system, one touch can finish the periodic maintenance.
◆Optional Germany imported horizontal transform head, realize side processing.

◆The machine is suitable for doors and cabinets processing. Also it can be used for the flat engraving, cutting and 3D relief carving of wood and MDF.

Technical Parameters



Working Area (X * Y * Z)


Max Travelling Speed


Max Engraving Speed




Fixing Method

Vacuum Table and T-Slot

Spindle Motor

Italy HSD 9KW Air Cooling

Spindle Speed


Drill Group

Italy Drills Group Axis05CI

90°Rotatable Saw

Italy 90°Rotative Saw


X Axis Grade 6 Precision helicalrack .Y, Z Axis Imported Ball Screw

Control System

Syntec Control System from Taiwan


Japan Yaskawa Servo System 1.3KW

Working Voltage


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