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Woodworking Center RFZZ-1325A

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Product Details

◆Equipped with a fixed gantry and movable working table, improves the stability and anti-vibration capability of the machine. 
◆Welded structure by thick profiled steel, stabilized under high temperature, ensures minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and powerful strength.
◆The install of vertical and horizontal drill and saw which can rotary 90° makes the machine a complete woodworking center in doors making. Configure of imported Carrousel tool magazine makes the process of tools changing rapid and accurate.
◆The special tool sensor enables the machine compensate the tolerance of the tool length accurately.
◆Japan YASKAWA servo motor, high precision helicalrack, ensures the machine run stably with low noise, fast speed, and high positioning accuracy.
◆The vacuum table adopts double cavity type adsorption. The use of high strength Bakelite board milled in one time ensures high adsorption power.
◆Strong Dust Collection system keeps the machine away from dust blowing when working.
◆Auto lubrication system, one touch can finish the periodic maintenance.
◆Optional Germany imported horizontal transform head, realize side processing.

◆The machine is suitable for doors and cabinets processing. Also it can be used for the flat engraving, cutting and 3D relief carving of wood and MDF.

Technical Parameters:



Working Area (X * Y * Z)


Max Travelling Speed


Max Engraving Speed




Fixing Method

Vacuum Table and T-Slot

Spindle Motor

Italy HSD 9KW Air Cooling

Spindle Speed


Drill Group

Italy Drills Group Axis05CI

90°Rotatable Saw

Italy 90°Rotative Saw


X,Y Axis High Precision Rack Gears, Z Axis Imported Ball Screw

Control System

Syntec Control System from Taiwan


Japan Yaskawa Servo System 1.3KW

Working Voltage


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