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YAG Soid Laser Cutting Machine

YAG Solid Laser Cutting Machine

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Product Details

◆High quality YAG laser beam, one of the most stable laser generator.
◆CNC control system to achieve engraving and cutting purpose effciency.
◆Mainly used for metal industry, cutting and formly carbon steel and stainless steel with smooth incision and low  processly cost.
◆High cutting speed: nearly 100 times than the wire-electrode cutting.
◆The heat effected zone is small, easy to distort,with smooth cutting seam, and no need further

Industrial Applications

Widely used in advertising  signs, sheet metal structures, highand low voltage electrical cabinet making, textile machinery parts,kitchen utensils, automobile, machinery, elevators, electrical parts,spring strip, metro parts and other metal parts processing industry.


Machine Model


Working Size

According to Customer’s Requirement can be adjustable

Cutting Depth

0.2mm—7mm(Carbon Steel) 0.2mm—5mm(Stainless Steel)

Laser Output Power


Laser Wavelength


Pulse Frequency

1—500HZ,Each File 1Hz

Minimum Line Width


Power Allocation


XYZ Geometric Positioning Accuracy


XYZ Reposition Accuracy


Cooling System

8P Water Cooling Chiller

Max Cutting Speed


Machine Noise(DB)


XY Max Moving Speed

30m/min(Single Axe 40m/min)

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