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Different Series Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

Marble Laser Engraving Machine RJ1390

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Product Details

◆Meet the demand of professional engraving on large size stone.
◆With stable and perfect design concept, equipped with advanced industrial cooling system and automatic water alarm system, greatly improved the stability and safety of continuous working.
◆Unique closed design of smoke exhaust system eliminates smoke leaking, and ensures the perfect and clean working environment.


◆Marble industry: image and character engraving on the surface of marble.
◆Advertising industry: engraving and cutting on advertising materials such as acrylic, double color board and so on.
◆Leather and clothing industry: engraving and carving on leather and fabric.
◆Art & Craft industry: engraving and cutting on paper, wooden packing box, bamboo craft, leather, shell, ivory and so on.
◆Model industry: cutting on architectural model, aviation and navigation model, and wooden toys.
◆Packaging industry: engraving and cutting of printing rubber plate, and cutting of sandwich plate and die board cutting.
◆Decoration industry: engraving and cutting on electric products and relevant materials.




Working Area


Laser Type

CO2 Sealed Laser Tube, Wavelength 10.6μm

Laser Tube Power

60W, 80W

Cooling System

Water Cooling

Power Adjustment

0-100% Stepless Control, 0-100% Adjustable in Software

Control and Driving

High Speed DSP Control, Stepper Motor High Subdivide Driving

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Working Voltage

AC220V/110V±10%  50HZ/60HZ

Reposition Accuracy


Minimum Letter Size

Chinese: 1.5mm  English: 1mm

Consuming Power


Running Environment

Temperature: 0-45; Humidity: 5%-95% (free of condensed water)

Supported Format

PLT, DST, DXF, BMP, AI, Support AutoCAD, CorelDraw Output Directly

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