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Different Series Laser Engraving Cutting Machine

G Series RJ1390

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Product Details

◆single-axis module and its charactors of small size, compact structure,and modular design make the installation and maintenance very easy.
◆Sliding rail length is customize.
◆realised high-speed, high-precision.


◆Advertising Industry: Acrylic,double color board & other advertising material engraving & cutting.
◆Leather Industry: Engraving & through-carving on leather & cloth.
◆Craft Industry: Engrave and cut on paper, wooden material, bamboo, leather, seashell & ivory material.,and Marking on the product

Technical Parameters



Working Area


Laser Type

Sealed-off Glass CO2 Laser Wavelength:10.6um

Cooling System

Water Cooling

Power Adjustment

0-100% No section Control , soft inner 0-100% adjustable.

Control and Driving

High Speed DSP Control system, Stepper Motor, High subdivision driver

Engraving Speed


Cutting Speed


Belt Specifications

HTD3m , Width 15mm

Number of belt teeth

24 teeth


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