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Multi Spindle CNC Router


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◆The multi-spindle CNC Routers of small working size are designed for the engraving on solid wood furniture. This series includes the separated multi-spindle CNC Router (2-6 heads), cylinder Multi-spindle (2-3 heads), etc. It applies to the small working piece engraving with high working efficiency .


◆Cylinder multi-spindle CNC Router is mainly designed for changing tools easily while it is working. For example, when you make a workpiece by two or three tools to make different patterns, the cylinder Multi-spindle CNC Router can Shorten the time of adjusting and checking the tools. After turning on the machine and once adjusting the knife, the machine can complete all the work absolutely at the same time and you can choose a horizontal side spindle to process keyhole slot, which can increase the efficiency.

◆Separated Multi-Spindle CNC Router, the power and quantity of the spindle motor can be properly increased. While the cost of it is more expensive than Board-hold Multi-head CNC Router.

◆Board-holden Multi-spindle CNC Router is an economical machine. Normally the spindle power is 800W-1500W. It is very stable by regular cutting speed . All the spindles must work together.

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