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Wood working Center

Woodworking Center RJ CAE-1325S

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Product Details


◆Working Area 1300mm*2500mm

◆Spindle HSD 9.0KW Air Cooling. (Optional: C axis and Full set transform/twist/ Arbitrary  head)

◆Double Slide rails and single rack gear transmission, convenient to load the work piece.

◆Movable vacuum table (Vacuum suckers), which is adjustable according to the shape of the work piece.

◆Carrousel tool magazine with 8 plastic-steel tools.

◆Taiwan SYNTEC CNC Control System.

◆Driver /Motor: X/Z motor-YASKAWA 1.3KW, Y motor YASKAWA 2.0KW.


Mainly used in semi-finished wood door, panel-type furniture, and the engraving, drilling, 

cutting, and milling of non-metal material.

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