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NEW CNC Marble Router

CNC Marble Router RJ-1224

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Product Details


◆Profiled steel welded lathe bed stabilizing treated under high temperature ensure minimum distortion , excellent rigidity and vigorous strength.
◆Precise traveling of Y axis driven by double motor ensures stable performance of machine.
◆High precision rack gear transmission ensures high accuracy , fast speed and strong power.
◆Imported square linear guide rail ensures high accuracy , maximum work load and long service time.
◆Best mechanical and electrical design with well-selected brand pars minimize breakdown rate.
◆Configured with water tank and automatic cooling water supply system.
◆Overall dust-proof and water-proof design protects all moving.


Working Area(X×Y×Z)


MAX. Engraving Depth


MAX. Engraving Speed


Traveling Accuracy


Command Language

G Code

Spindle Motor

3.0kw Water Cooling


3.175, 6, 12.7

XYZ Guide Rails

Linear Square Rail


Rack Gear of X.Y
axis, Ball Screw

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